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    [文學] 小小說

    發表于 2021-11-26 16:35:31 手機用戶 | 只看該作者 回帖獎勵 |倒序瀏覽 |閱讀模式
    Small novel
    "there is no overnight feud between husband and wife."
    Lin Qiquan

    Night shrouded the whole sky, and the crescent moon showed a little face in the clouds, casting a faint light on the village.
    In the secluded room, the doors and windows were tightly closed, and even the curtains were closed, so that a faint light could not penetrate outside.
    In the corner, the woman sitting on the edge of the bed with her arms folded her knees, it seemed that the tears on her face were not dry, so she remained motionless, allowing time to go by in silence.
    I do not know how long, the door gently opened, a touch of light through the push of the slit projected in.
    The woman narrowed her eyes instinctively and shouted, "close the door!"
    "Hmm!" As soon as the man who was about to probe his head came in, he jumped in and quickly closed the door.
    He turned on the light and moved towards the woman by the bed. He yelled "wife" sweetly in a gentle voice. "
    An angry and ferocious light came: "I didn't ask you to come in!"
    The ferocious face could not deter him from walking towards her, and he came to her firmly, sat by the bed, and looked at her affectionately.
    "I know, so I came in to make amends to you. It was my fault in the morning." If he had waited for her invitation, he might as well have gone to bed early.
    The woman stared at him but could not say a word.
    She was so tired of him that she couldn't put it into words.
    She still remembers the brawl during the day when no one would let anyone else, and all the unpleasant words were used.
    Her long hair is shawl, her long black hair is as supple as a waterfall, and her tearful egg face is still beautiful.
    With tearful eyes, staring at him fiercely, she has her grievances, I have not done anything wrong, why do you scold me? And so fierce. In the depths of her heart, he was not allowed to scold!
    "Don't stare at me. I've come to make amends to you. It was my fault in the morning. I shouldn't have scolded you!"
    As he handed her the bowl in his hand, "eat porridge. You didn't eat at night. You must be very hungry."
    The woman put aside her face and deliberately did not look at his friendly smile. The woman was very stubborn.
    The man is very patient, she does not take down the bowl, his outstretched hand does not take back.
    "pick up, my hands are sore."
    "Huh!" She curls her lips coldly, and her sore hands are your business. Who told you to be so fierce in the morning? you deserve it!
    "wife..." Sweet soft voice, like melted honey, sweet boring, to change to normal, the heart has long been dissolved, but now, she has been exploded with anger.
    "Don't call me wife. I feel sick!" On the contrary, the unmoved face became even tighter.
    The woman pursed her pink lips, but she didn't want to talk to him anyway.
    "come on, it has nothing to do with me being angry, but if you don't eat, you'll starve." He has a good temper, never mind her smelly face, and still greets people with a smile.
    She was so annoyed that she might as well not start without even looking at him.
    The man's smiling face darkened for a moment, but soon concealed the past and opened a sweeter and more moving smile. Her heart is like ice, and he wants to melt her, too, and will not allow her to refuse at all.
    He tugged at her sleeve, and he continued his efforts: "Don't be angry. I cooked this fish porridge with my own hands. It's delicious." She turned a deaf ear. "try it. I'm sure you'll like it."
    She still ignored him. "otherwise, take a bite, just take a bite. Give it a try." She was patient and continued to pretend not to hear. He flattened his mouth and said, "wife." Said softly.
    "are you deaf?" She couldn't stand it, and she roared in disgust. Who made him so fierce during the day, boring!
    "well, you eat the porridge and I'll get down on my knees." The man accompanied the smiling face. He knew she wouldn't compromise so easily, and it was right to haunt her patiently!
    "you..." The woman gritted her teeth secretly. She really didn't understand him. She had such a bad temper during the day, but why did she become so good at night? If you really starve, it's not that you starve him, it's none of his business!
    She pushed him away and rushed out angrily.
    He was stupefied for a moment, but without thinking about it, he put down his bowl and chased him out.
    "wife..." "piss off!" She did not look back, her feet did not stop, out of the door, she ran desperately forward.
    "wife... Stop wrestling. " He dared not be slow, fearing that she would disappear in the blink of an eye.
    "wife... Don't go. " He grabbed her.
    "go away!" "No, wife... Hey, will you come back to my room with me? " He was so anxious that he clung to her even more and refused to let her go.
    "are you bored?" She frowned, trying to get rid of him again.
    With all his strength, he carried her into the bedroom and put his mouth on her mouth. She turned her head a few times and stopped and quietly let him kiss wildly. He kissed her desperately for a while, and she responded, putting her hands around his neck and catering to him with her mouth. Together, long kisses affectionately!

    A brief introduction to the author

    Lin Qiquan, member of Guangdong Little Fiction Society and Chinese Poetry Society, member of Shanwei Poetry Society and Writers' Association, member of Huangjiang Literary Association and Vice Chairman of Writers' Association, member of Dongguan Chinese Poetry Society and couplets, member of Shenzhen Poetry Society and Shanwei Poetry Society, Deputy Secretary-General of Huangjiang Lixiang Poetry Society.

    He has published more than 2,000 works in more than 50 media, including Nanfang Daily, Shanwei Daily, Langfang Daily, 100 Poems, Shaanxi Poetry, monthly Poetry, Shenzhen Poetry, Xianyang Poetry, and so on.


       “快接嘛,快接嘛,我的手很酸啦?!?br />    “哼!”她冷冷地撇唇,手酸是你的事,誰叫你上午那么兇,活該!
        他扯了她的衣袖,他再接再厲:“不要生氣嘛,這魚粥是我親手煲的,很好吃喔!” 她充耳不聞?!俺猿钥蠢?,保證你會喜歡的?!?br /> 她還是不理他?!安蝗怀砸豢?,真的一口就好,試一下嘛?!彼棠椭?,繼續當作沒聽到。他扁扁嘴:“老婆…”,柔聲說。

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